Riding The High Line

By Alex Gold

high line intro


The High Line Park, which spans from 34th street down to Gansevoort Street, has become one of the trendiest spots for lunch hour. Just ask Alan Woo, the local businessman, who travels to the former above-ground railroad twice a week.

“I come here to relax, eat, and take walks,” said Woo. “I love the fresh flowers and the artwork.” Woo was enjoying a plate of buttermilk pancakes while taking in the green scenery.

Converting each section of the High Line from out-of-use train tracks to a public landscape where Woo can dive into his brunch entailed years of planning and more than three years of construction.

The park employs gardeners who work tirelessly day in and day to maintain the High Line’s natural beauty. Rachel H. is in charge of the flora from 18th to 20th street and she takes her duty seriously.

“My favorite place is right here in my section,” said Rachel. “We get the plants from the nursery and I water and nurture them throughout their lives.”

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Besides the organic attractions, there are also several pieces of contemporary art on display throughout the park. The River That Flows Both Ways was an example of an exhibition that thrived at the High Line. People marveled at the stain-glass windows for a total of seven years, but now it’s time for other pieces to shine.

Lyvia Costa, a tourist from Brazil, was especially taken with the park. “I have never seen gardens on top of a city like this,” Costa said. “The view is beautiful as well.”

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