Coney Art Walls: Street Art on Full Display

By Alex Cho

IMG_0702One of the biggest attractions at Coney Island’s boardwalk is now back in full swing. Known as Coney Island’s “Outdoor Museum of Street Art”, Coney Art Walls showcases several of the leading painters of street culture in New York, in addition to those connected with Brooklyn’s deep cultural landscape. Curated by Coney Island developer, Joseph Sitt and gallerist, Jeffrey Deitch, the project was a major hit when it debuted last year. This year’s edition features more than over 20 new pieces, including works by D*Face, Aiko, Crash, Daze, and Lady Pink among many others.

Coney Art Walls opened this year on May 27th, and is located at 3050 Stillwell Avenue near the beach and boardwalk in Coney Island. To learn more, visit the gallery’s website or its Facebook page.


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho


photo credit: Alex Cho




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