Coney Island

Written by: Alex Gold

IMG_0780At the southwestern tip of Brooklyn there lies an amusement park that some say has passed its prime. Coney Island is a symbol of pre-World War America, a nation on the rise in the global economy and political playing field. The carousel, Wonder Wheel, Cyclone, Parachute Jump, and Thunderbolt are antiques these days, but they still bring joy to visitors young and old.

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On a sunny afternoon thousands flocked to the beach to win prizes on the boardwalk, take a spin on one of the roller coasters, or just work on their tans. The New York Aquarium was also quite busy and on a July 2016 one could easily envision how this coastal destination was the talk of the Northeast one hundred years ago.

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Even now, every couple of months Coney Island returns to relevance in the average New Yorker’s eyes. On New Year’s Day there are the polar bears (a group of adventurous divers) plunging into the freezing water. June 18th saw 3,000 costume-wearing artists stroll in unison at the annual Mermaid Parade. ESPN showcased the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Independence Day for the 13th straight year, despite the fact that some Broooklynites claim it’s been in competition since the early 1900’s.

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History, entertainment, and culture can all be found at the southwestern tip of Brooklyn. The beach, aquarium, and certainly the amusement park are all excellent spots to spend a summer day.




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