Bryant Park

By Vanessa Perdomo

Bryant Park is a ten-acre gem in Midtown Manhattan between 40th and 42nd street. It isn’t very big but there is plenty to do for New Yorkers of all ages. There are multiple sections of the park that each hosts their own events on a daily basis. Bryant Park is hot spot for people to come on their lunch break so they can sit and enjoy nature on a beautiful day in the city.

According to Park employee Akiem who works at The Green, the small putting green in the southwest corner, most of the people that come to play are young adult males taking a break from work. Anyone is welcome to play on the green for free and there is no time limit.

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Unlike The Green that is mandated by the park the regulars who come play in the park everyday run the Pétanque Court. There are 4 Pétanque Courts where everybody is allowed to play on. If you are a beginner watch the regulars for a few minutes and you will pick up some massive tips.

Each corner in the park has it’s own character but the most popular spot in the park was The Chess Corner. In this corner there are numerous boards for people to come play speed chess. These players are no joke they take the game very seriously hitting the time controls every few seconds after thinking as fast they possibly can to make their move. Unlike the other courts where there is a general demographic of people that come to play The Chess Corner is full of a wide variety of people. There were young kids playing against elderly men, business men in suits who worked on fifth avenue playing against a teenager wearing headphones in jean shorts and Jordans. It is a true corner of New York where people from whatever background can come together and anyone can win.

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Although there are plenty of places to get in a good competitive game there are plenty of places in the park to relax or to bring your family. Across from The Games section is Le Carrousel for kids to have fun and play around on. Which also has a section next to the Carrousel with tons of books for kids to read.

If you are looking for a calm night out and want to enjoy the amazing summer weather Bank of America hosts HBO summer film festival every Monday night from 5:00-11:00 p.m on the Bryant Park lawn.

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For more information on all the events and activities Bryant Park has to offer visit



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