Sadie Nash Leadership Project

By Vanessa Perdomo

On Thursday July 28, 2016 the Sadie Nash Leadership Project busted out a flash mob to the surprised people of New York City at Grand Central Station. Unlike the flash mobs that some may see in videos on the Internet the purpose of this was to educate people on rape culture in America.

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The Sadie Nash Leadership Project was founded in 2001 as an organization for young women in New York City to gain leadership skills and be able to make a difference in their community. Sadie Nash educates their young women about the history of feminism and the lack of leadership roles that women hold to this day. Not only do they believe in education, they believe that activism is the main key to making a difference. Through challenging traditional notions of leadership is how they plan to break the mold and get more females into leadership roles.

On Tuesday July 26, 2016 the group was practicing for their flash mob in Washington Square Park. The group usually meets at the New School and was not ready for their performance to be seen by the public yet but they had no choice. According to one of the group participants Dayana Picharda they had to practice in the park because they were told they were being disruptive. The Sadie Nash girls did not let it affect them as they carried on rehearsing in the park and used it as a great experience for their actual event on Thursday. Even though the park was not their main event the girls had an audience watching them captivated by their message and applauding them for their passion.

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The message the girls are trying to spread to people through their flash mob is that rape culture in America needs to change. They have several chants about the lack of punishment for rapists. The main goal is for people to see that as a culture rape is taken very lightly and it stems into women not being respected. Rape culture involves slut shaming, which is defined as criticizing a woman for sexual activity depending on what she is wearing or what she may act like. Sadie Nash feels that slut shaming is the biggest distraction that women have to face. Sadie Nash student Persia-Ali Piere stated that girls are sexualized from a very young age and are criticized about the way they dress which interrupts their education and it affects the way girls think about themselves.

The Sadie Nash Leadership Project is a great way for young women to gain confidence. It is a great outlet for the girls to realize their potential to be a leader one day. The Sadie Nash students are well-educated girls with big plans for themselves in the future. A few of the students are already in college at some major Universities such as Syracuse University and the University of Pennsylvania.

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To find out more about the organization visit We will also be posting a video shortly with more insight on the event at Grand Central Station.


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