Dinosaur Playground at Riverside Park

Written by: Alex Gold and Alex Cho


The Riverside Park is a scenic waterfront on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. One of the park’s biggest highlights is the Dinosaur Playground. Located on W 97th Street and Riverside Drive, the playground was built between 1934 to 1937, as part of the West Side Improvement Project for the Riverside Park. The playground is famous as home to two fiberglass dinosaurs. The triceratops and hadrosaur statues are hard to miss when you enter the park, as they represent the that largest animals that once walked the Earth who disappeared about 70 million years ago. In addition to these dinosaur sculptures, the playground offers swing sets for toddlers and older children, a spray shower, two sandboxes, and climbing equipment with safety surfacing. London planetrees tower over to shade the playground from the scorching summer sun and an enormous stone comfort station resides at the southern end. Riverside Park, especially the Dinosaur Playground, offers immediate relaxation and relief from the hustle and bustle from the city and also beautiful scenic views of the Hudson River and New Jersey.

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