Le Petit Art Class in Poe Park

Written By: Vanessa Perdomo and Alex Cho

Having parks in New York City is important for children to be able to experience nature and have a safe place to play outside. However on days where the weather does not favor going outside the parks plan events that anyone can enjoy inside.

Poe Park on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York has several art classes on various days throughout the week open to anyone to come join. The classes take place in the park’s Visitor Center. The class entitled Le Petit Art Still Water Colors was originally meant for adults. However event director Lucy Aponte changed the dynamic of the class after getting a call from the Boys and Girls club of Madison Square desperately wanting to take part in the event.

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Staff member Doris of the Boys and Girls club said that Tuesday August 9 was the second time she brought the kids back to do an art class at Poe Park. She is the Arts & Crafts Director at the Boys and Girls Club Madison Square she brought the kids as a way to venture off the everyday site and so they can express themselves in a creative manner. She brings the kids she feels are more inclined to appreciate art.

Le Petit Art stands for small art that is generally drawn on a canvas smaller than four inches. As an artist herself Aponte stated the reasoning behind the smaller artworks was to create a feeling of Zen while focusing on the small details. In the beginning of the class director Aponte showed everyone a picture of two pears that they were meant to copy the outline of then add their own patterns so that none of the pictures would be the same.

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