Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden is Central Park’s only formal garden and it is filled with lush landscapes and picturesque scenery. The six acre land includes three different sections, each containing a unique fountain.

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Dinosaur Playground at Riverside Park

The Riverside Park is a scenic waterfront on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. One of the park’s biggest highlights is the Dinosaur Playground. Located on W 97th Street and Riverside Drive, the playground was built between 1934 to 1937, as part of the West Side Improvement Project for the Riverside Park. The playground is famous as home to two fiberglass dinosaurs.

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Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a ten-acre gem in Midtown Manhattan between 40th and 42nd street. It isn’t very big but there is plenty to do for New Yorkers of all ages. There are multiple sections of the park that each hosts their own events on a daily basis. Bryant Park is hot spot for people to come on their lunch break so they can sit and enjoy nature on a beautiful day in the city.

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